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Luke 12:48b says, “Much is required from the person to whom much is given; much more is required from the person to whom much more is given.” Good News Translation (GNT)

My calling throughout this life, as a Worshiper of God, has been to encourage the body of Christ in their daily walk with the Lord, particularly through music. On occasion, when praying, Lord, what more can I do for you, I’d hear His answer: “Don’t do what I haven’t gifted you to do. I have given you specific gifts and abilities to be used for the Church. Use them faithfully, boldly, always.” The gifts He has given me for the church are these: worship pastor, vocalist, music composer (over 400 songs published-choral/instrumental) and arranger, creator of digital/analog accompaniment tracks. With a Doctorate in Musical Arts (DMA) from Ohio State University, I have also had the privilege of working as a teacher of music, a choral director, a professional music engraver, an accomplished pianist/keyboardist, and a record producer.

With the encouragement of my colleagues and the admonition of Luke 12:48b, the Spirit is now leading me to provide music resources He’s led me to write and arrange for church communities beyond my home in Ephrata, PA. I have a Biblical mandate to share my gifts with a Church that stretches far beyond a single house of worship.

Several months ago, I was challenged with a statement from an international worship leader who explained that in his country there are no royalties or copyrights for musicians. They simply write songs and share them with everyone wherever they happen to worship together. This sounds like the First Century church to me! I know that there are costs to make things operate here in the United States, but I’m also willing to take the risk of providing you with as many free items as possible while charging only a minimal cost on other items, such as demo CDs and accompaniment tracks, in order to cover the basic costs of making them available. For me, this has never been about the money, but about sharing my gifts with the body of Christ.

Since my tenure began thirteen years ago at Ephrata Church of the Nazarene, I have written over 150 praise and worship songs, two full length Easter music dramas, and numerous other incidental arrangements. You’ll see in the song lyrics section that I journaled many of the praise and worship songs, offering a unique history of how they came about or why they were written, along with the Scriptures from which they were inspired. Also, if you are a pianist and love to play advanced or more challenging arrangements, you’ll find links for some of my hymn and gospel song arrangements. In addition, this website will provide you with access to accompaniment tracks, PDF files on multiple scores, audio clips, choral arrangements, and so much more.

With this new online venture, I am excited to provide many different kinds of music resources for you, and am always ready to hear what musical needs you’d love to receive and use in your own local church. Contact me and tell me about them. We are all in this together. I’m just one of many who are called to encourage the body of Christ through music. It is my pleasure to serve you in any way possible.

Currently, my professional role is serving as the Worship Pastor at the Ephrata Church of the Nazarene in Lancaster County, PA. I am married to my Kentucky sweetheart, Joanna, and have three children: Jeremy (wife, Melissa), Joel, and Julia. We love to cruise the Carribean, take long walks, and as a family, we enjoy a good game of miniature golf (as long as Jeremy is not playing!) or bowling. Our whole family loves the Lord and is serving in local as well as international church ministries.

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