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Made to Praise

Devotional for Friday, June 23, 2017 with Jim Lucas, pastor of Grace Point Church of the Nazarene in Lebanon, PA.

Sometimes you just have to stop the train and say…’wait, I’m getting off!!” Sometimes you just have to jump off the non-stop treadmill feeling like your going in circles getting dizzy! And sometimes you just have to grab a pole vault and fly out of the maze of life and say: Jesus, I love you. I halt everything in order to give you praise right now, because I was made to praise You! You have done great and mighty things! You are an awesome God. And I want to give time, energy, focus, to recognize your manifest presence in my life! How you have blessed me; how You have shown me favor! How you have blessed my family, my career, my coming and going. Jesus, this is personal. and it is MEANT to be! I give testimony of Your goodness and I give You great glory.

Personally I’ve been 1) part of a Fun Factory, 5-day VBS; 2) part of a faith ‘Festival of Life’ event with 16 other churches bringing a high-energy day to our Lebanon, PA community through music, face painting, prayer stations, food banks, helping agencies, games, etc. And 3)  I had the opportunity to preach a Father’s Day message. The list could go on, but I have to stop to give God resounding praise. He just keeps on going; keeps on being faithful, keeps on fulfilling His promises. He works tirelessly for me; loves me; prays for me; sings over me. His love for me is deeply intense, and I want the world to know how much I love Jesus, and that I declare Him as my faithful Lord and Savior.

The ‘worship pastor’ in me will always be there; and that part of me right now is drawn to Psalm 150 because it helps to describe how I’m feeling. I praise Him in HIS sanctuary. (V1)  He can make HIS sanctuary on a track & field, in prayer tents, outside on the grass. His sanctuary can be many places, but it IS where He is. So I praise Him ANYWHERE!  Praise Him in His mighty heavens. (V1) My God rules over me. He is majestic & royal. He is King. And He’s no slouch! He’s accurate; timely; precise; and He speaks and acts like a King of kings and Lord of lords from His mighty heavens.  (v2) I praise Him for His mighty acts of power, and praise Him for his transcendent greatness! Nothing is better than His greatness. No one surpasses His acts of power. He alone is God.

I praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet (which I actually did for many, many years growing up), and with the harp and lyre (v3). True, it might look more like praising Him with keyboards, guitars, drums, violins in current day, but it’s praise, my friends. You lift it up because you have the instrument!! You don’t let your instrument rest in its case. You keep it available for daily use to the Lord. And praising him with timbrel and dance and with the strings and pipe (V4) and the clash of cymbals (V5) (resounding ones at that!)  Yeah, whatever you have, play it; pluck it, strum it, blow through it, hit it, crash it! Make sound. Make noise. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. You got breath??? I can only guess so if you’re reading this devotional!  So let your breath praise the Lord (V6).  You let people hear your praise, whatever your personal praise sounds like. But let them hear it. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Join with me…let’s make a joyful noise unto the Lord together….  [NOTE to self:  When I purposely spend time praising God like this; all the rat-races, mazes, and tread-mills of life are put into proper perspective, where I see these things through the lens of my relationship with Jesus.]

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